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Pay My Water Bill
Options and instructions for paying your water bill.

Apply for a Business License
Register to do business in the city.

Apply for a Job
Explore employment opportuntites.

Contact Department Staff
Utilize our staff directory.

Find Businesses
Browse a list of local businesses.

Pay Taxes
Review important tax information.

Read Agendas & Minutes
Read City Council's and additional boards' and commissions' agendas and minutes.

Read City News
Stay up to date with city activites.

Register to Vote
Learn about voter registration.

Reserve a Park Facility
Complete an application to reserve a park facility.

Schedule a Building Inspection
Access contact information to schedule a building inspection.

Sign Up for City Updates
Sign up to receive city updates via email or text message.

View City Attractions
Discover what International Falls has to offer.

View City Events
Find out about special events in the city.

View City Maps
Explore various maps of International Falls.